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King Sisters gaat met hun voorstelling ‘Song of the Sisters’ naar Brighton Fringe in Engeland! Om dit te kunnen betalen hebben zij een Crowdfunding opgezet bij ‘Voor de kunst’. Met jouw steun kunnen ze de oversteek naar Engeland maken! Klik op de link voor meer informatie over de crowdfunding én om te doneren.


Song of the Sisters

Naar Brighton, Engeland
29 mei t/m 2 juni 2019
In Song of the Sisters, the KING SISTERS – Joske, Annelie en Marthe Koning – take you on a trip in their musical, theatrical, physical, visual and personal performance. Three sisters who understand each other trough music and improvised sound language. Who connect instinctively when they dance and explain themselves best trough music and dance. But try to come together in a conversation. Who we are you together, and who are you on your own? Who are you as an individual in the collective of your family?

They translate this universal dynamic of the family – the movement between symbiosis and autonomy – through their own disciplines; Joske is an actress, Annelie a singer and Marthe a visual artist and performer. The music ranges from close harmony to free-jazz improvisation. In words which can be a poëm as well as a dialogue.

Together, Joske, Annelie and Marthe Koning are the King Sisters. They’re coached and directed by Sanya Schreuder.

Song of the Sisters is developed for the Amsterdam Fringe Festival, a festival with theatre and dance by talented new, undiscovered and untamed makers at more than 30 venues during 11 days across Amsterdam. Fringe has a varied program featuring artists from a wide range of backgrounds, origins and futures. The festival is an ode to the madness of the stage and to independence of spirit and it is a plea for artistic freedom. A big, fat, heartfelt embrace of experimentation in the true sense of the word: one whose outcome is able to effect a real surprise.

Song of the Sisters will be performed in September and November 2018 at Fringe festival, Amsterdam, Musicia Sacra Maastricht and Schouwburg Kunstmin, Dordrecht.

For Song of the Sisters, we have received a grant from the Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst.

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11. W. King Sisters at Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam

16. W. King Sisters at Theater Kikker, Utrecht

20. W. King Sisters at Zaal 3, Den haag

21. W. King Sisters at Theater a/d Rijn, Arnhem

27. W. Koning/Erker/van Vliet/Schlömer at Stella by Starlight, Arnhem

28. W. tba at FOAM, Amsterdam

28. W. Duo Annelie Koning/Michiel Braam at De ruimte, Amsterdam



10. W. tba at Festival If Nijmegen, Nijmegen

20. W. Koning|Branco|Terwijn at Stella by Starlight, Arnhem

21. W. Koning|Branco at De ruimte, Amsterdam

23. W. King Sisters at Theater Walhalla, Rotterdam

24. W. LILLY KING at Earsessions, Amsterdam





27. W. tba. at Amsterdam

27.W. LILLY KING at Jazz in Nijmegen, Nijmegen

27.W. Duo Michiel Braam, Annelie Koning at Jazz in Nijmegen, Nijmegen


7.W. King Sisters a.k.a SONG OF THE SISTERS at Fringe, Amsterdam

8.W. King Sisters a.k.a SONG OF THE SISTERS at Fringe, Amsterdam

9.W. King Sisters a.k.a SONG OF THE SISTERS at Fringe, Amsterdam

12.W. King Sisters a.k.a SONG OF THE SISTERS at Musica Sacra, Maastricht

13.W. The King Sisters a.k.a SONG OF THE SISTERS at Musica Sacra, Maastricht

16.W. King Sisters a.k.a SONG OF THE SISTERS at Fringe, Amsterdam

22. W. LILLY KING trio (Annelie Koning, Kristján Martinsson, Moritz Schlömer) at Make it Festival, Tilburg


13.W. LILLY KING ft. Ab Baars & Krisján Martinsson at Grachtenfestival, Amsterdam

14.W. LILLY KING trio (Annelie Koning, Ab Baars, Michiel Braam) at Grachtenfestival, Amsterdam

26.W. tba at Dodorama in het Oosten, Arnhem


14.W. Genetic Choir at Over het IJ Festival, Amsterdam

 18.W. LILLYKING at Falkhoffestival, Nijmegen

19.W. Wolter Wierbos at Atelier Durnfeld, Cologne


13.W. LILLY KING ft. Ab Baars & Krisján Martinsson at  Brebl, Nijmegen

 14.W. Genetic Choir at Master of voice Sandberg, Amsterdam 

16.W. Genetic Choir at Master of voice Sandberg, Amsterdam 


2. W. Thomas Jaspers group at Stella by Starlight, Arnhem

20. W. LILLY KING at Vurige Tongen Festival, Amsterdam

21. W. All Strings Night at De Ruimte, Amsterdam

23. W Thomas Jaspers group at ArtEZ, Arnhem


11.W. Sonic Lab at Loft, Cologne

12.W. Sonic Lab at Loft, Cologne

13. W. Opera Harrison at Spring Festival, Den Haag

28. W. Genetic Choir at DordtYart, Dordrecht




Annelie Koning’s passion for improvisation, lyrics and all the sounds the voice can make had led here to be an experimental vocalist and composer. Her music combines the freshness of composing in the moment with the power of words. Here voice has a rich pallet of collars and sounds what makes here music always connected to the here and now. She also works under the artist name LILLY KING.

In June 2017 Annelie (1992) graduated from the ArtEZ conservatory in Arnhem (direction voice, Jazz & Pop). She studied jazz singing with Jolande Geven, Ineke van Doorn en Simin Tander, classical singing with Elena Vink and she had lessons in improvisation with Wilbert de Joode and Wolter Wierbos and many others. Besides here bachelor Annelie followed The Honours Program, a study of two years in with she gradueted in september 2018 with an artistic Research called: Verbinding &Vervreemding; Hoe kan ik als experimenteel vocaliste in mijn performances door middel van mijn stem enerzijds verbinding met een publiek zoeken, maar anderzijds ook momenten van vervreemding en disconnectie creëren? Hoe kan het spelen met de afwisseling tussen verbinding en vervreemding mijn werk verder brengen? 

You can view and download the Research here; Artistic research; Verbinding & Vervreemding

In 2015 she formed the band LILLY KING in which she combines Dutch-language compositions with improvisation. The songs have a poetic character and organic structure that allows improvisations to happen. The released there first EP called SCHEMER in March 2018. In februari 2018 they won the price De Opmaat from the Grachtenfestival for with she wrote a new program called HEMELVAL that she plays with LILLY KING ft. Ab Baars and Kristján Martinsson. For more information go to LILLY KING

Besides this Annelie Developed herself as solo voice-improviser and works in various projects like the opera Harrison , the Genetic Choir and played with (amongst other): Michiel Braam, Jaap Blonk, Wilbert de Joode , Wolter Wierbos, Ab Baars , Onno Govaert, Jasper Stadhouders, Kaja Draksler and Etienne Nillesen. In various settings she played in (amongst others): Bimhuis, De Nationale Opera, Deventer schouwburg, Festival De Oversteek, Code Rood, Stella by Starlight, Zaal 100, Musis Sacrum, Compagnietheater, Loft (Cologne).

A Complete Curriculum Vitae can be viewed and Downloaded here; CV Annelie Koning


Email: Mobile: +31646486634

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